TNM Download LAZ In Cloud

The LAZ In Cloud custom view of the TNM Download page can be used to find Lidar Point Cloud (LPC) products for download as LAZ files from the AWS Requester Pays bucket.

Find LiDAR Products Using LAZ In Cloud Custom View

Find Products

On the LAZ In Cloud custom view of the TNM Download client select Box/Point, Current Extend or Coordinates and use the map to create an Area of Interest (AOI) to search for Lidar Point Cloud (LPC) data.
LAZ in Cloud custom view
Click Find Products to show the available data in the Products tab.
Products Tab
Use the Add to Cart buttons to select the desired LPC products.

Once products have been added to the cart click the View Cart button.

Export Product URLs

LAZ in Cloud Cart
Remove any unneeded LPC products from the cart and click Export URLs to Text or Export Items to CSV to export the products in the desired format.
Download LAZ Files

AWS Requester Pays Bucket

Once the appropriate URLs have been exported using the TNM Download client there are a number of third-party applications that can be used to download bulk lidar LAZ files from the bucket region US West (Oregon) bucket usgs-lidar.

USGS does not assume responsibility for usage or functionality of third party software for downloading data.

How do I access or download form the lidar Requester Pays Option?

How much does it cost to use the lidar requester pays option?

For additional instructions on creating an AWS account and using third-party applications to download bulk lidar data please refer to the following document.

Lidar Point Cloud in AWS - Requester Pays Instructions

Other Download Options

Lidar data can be downloaded free using Direct 'ftp'

What are direct 'ftp' and 'cloud' browse links to staged products for download?

Bulk lidar data can also be delivered using physical storage devices for a fee.

How do I get lidar delivered on media?