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9.0 Download and Cart

The National Map Viewer is a one-stop destination for download of public domain vector and raster data products used in topographic maps.

The download process is initiated by clicking on the Download Download Icon icon.

Viewer Download Links
Viewer Download Links

The Download interface allows products to be downloaded by an Area of Interest (AOI) defined by: Bounding Box, Reference Area, Current Map Extent, and Coordinate Input.

Viewer Download Options Dialog
Viewer Download Options Dialog

Red text in the dialog indicates the option is not available at the current scale and provides 'Click here' links to zoom to the appropriate scale.

See: Download Process below for further details.

Important Notes:

Staged Products

In the past, products have been available for download via a dynamic clip-n-ship mechanism. While this offers users the flexibility of choosing and customizing the specific area of interest, it is a resource intensive process that no longer makes sense. Each dynamic order represents a custom package generated by backend services after the order is submitted. All orders were queued with other user requests and downloadable products were often not available until a day or more later.

In 2013 The National Map will be transitioning to completely pre-defined, staged products. Rather than wait for products to be generated, users will be presented with a list of pre-generated staged products matching the criteria they specify which are in turn immediately available for download. This is seen as a more cost-effective way to distribute products and will provide a more streamlined download capability for users.

The Download Process

The download process consists of these basic steps:

Define Area of Interest (AOI)

Viewer Download Options Dialog
Viewer Download Options Dialog

The AOI can be defined using one of the four options below:

Select Downloadable Product Theme(s)

Download Theme Selection Dialog

Once the area of interest has been defined, the next dialog allows selection from the following product themes:

Grayed boxes indicate a product that is not available for the current area of interest and a smaller area should be selected in the previous step to make these products available.

Select the desired themes and click the Next button to obtain a list of products.

View and Select Downloadable Products by Theme

Download Product Selection Dialog

The Product Selection dialog provides a listing of the available products for the provided area of interest.

Products are grouped by product theme type under separate panels which must be opened to see the list of products. In the example dialog, at right, note the following product group labels:

Clicking on each product group label opens up the corresponding listing of products for that theme.

Basic information is provided in the listing to distinguish between products.

Full metadata is available by clicking on the Metadata Metadata Icon icon.

Select the checkboxes beside the desired products you want to order.

When you have selected all the products you are interested in. Click the Next button to add these products to the cart.

Submit Cart as Order

Download Cart

The cart process is provided to organize a group of product downloads together for easier user management. Items can be removed from the cart individually or all together at one time by clearing the cart.

Clicking the Checkout button submits the order.

The user will then be prompted for an email address before being allowed to click the Place Order button. Confirmation that the order request has been received will be provided along with an Order ID for tracking the order.

An email will be sent upon completion of the order process indicating products are ready for download.

Receive Downloadable Product List

Download Email

Download By BoundingBox

Draw Bounding Box
Download by Bounding Box
Download by Bounding Box Option
Download by Bounding Box Option
  1. Select the download by bounding box option in the Download Options dialog.
  2. Press/Hold mouse click to draw a rectangle.
  3. Proceed with Select Theme Dialog.

Download By Reference Area

Reference Areas
Reference Area
Download by Reference Area Option
Download by Reference Area Option
  1. Select a desired reference area from the Download Options dialog.
  2. Red text indicates the selected reference area is not available at the current scale. Select the Click here to zoom in... link to zoom to an allowed scale.
  3. The selected reference area grid should appear in the map view.
  4. Click anywhere inside the grid to select a particular cell.
  5. Proceed with Select Theme Dialog.

Download By Current Map Extent

Download by Current Extent Option
Download by Current Map Extent

Download By Coordinate Input

Download By Coordinates
Download By Coordinates
Download by Coordinates Option
Download by Coordinate Input

Bulk Data Download

USGS does not currently offer a vector bulk data download option other than by special request only. For assistance, go to to access the Service Desk mailbox at For your vector bulk data download request, include contact information (such as address and phone number), requested product, requested area, and download format.

To receive bulk data, we require you to supply the external hard drives, within our specifications, and pay for shipping the drive(s) to us and provide a paid return label or a carrier (UPS, FEDEX, we do not ship DHL) account number. Turn-around time may take up to 4 to 8 weeks; no guarantee or priority service available. The actual delivery time may vary, depending on the workload at the time an order is placed. See the following page for more details:

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